Kate Hudson’s fitness equipment for core strength

Kate Hudson’s fitness equipment for core strength

Kate Hudson’s fitness equipment for core strength

Actress Kate Hudson has been showing off her gruelling workouts that tone arms and shred abs.

Hudson is currently on holiday in Greece but it hasn’t stopped her from fixing her pushup form or crushing some TRX core exercises. 

A recent Instagram video shows Hudson working out with a bag-shaped  JouPlus Aqua Bag. 

“This gives ‘staying centered’ a whole new meaning for me 😜 First time taking this for a ride, definitely not the last 🌪,” she wrote in the caption. 

The fitness tool functions as a sandbag that’s filled with water to add weight. 

When empty, the bag can be rollout up and packed away – perfect for anyone travelling or with limited space. 

Hudson’s trainer – who found the bag on Amazon – reposted Hudson’s video and explained the reasons for using the aqua bag. 

“I believe it’s crucial to incorporate rotational exercises to all athletic training programs… it totally improves the neuromuscular connection between the core and the rest of the body. I mean, check out Kate’s movement in this tornado drill while she digs for speed: her core is fighting for more integrity (stability) while her mobile joints (hips and shoulders) seem to unlock more with every turn!” Nguyen wrote in the Instagram caption.

 “Moreover, working with rotational movement not only prepares us for the forces of real life but also increases our capacity for greater power and more explosiveness throughout one’s range of motion: true athleticism, that is.”

Hudson can be seen rocking her Fabletics gear in her videos – in this one, she’s wearing the Euphoria 2-Piece Outfit. 



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