Copper Hair trend: The Hottest Colour of The Year

Copper Hair trend: The Hottest Colour of The Year

Copper Hair trend: The Hottest Colour of The Year

Actress Milla Jovovich’s iconic bright copper hair from the 1997 film The Fifth Element is back! 

Alex Brownsell, the co-founder of Bleach London, said Jovovich’s copper tone is behind the brand’s best-selling Tangerine Dream, a bright auburn semi-permanent dye. 

“Red and copper are traditionally colours for excitement,” Brownsell suggests as to why the off-kilter colour seems to be having a moment.

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The inspo: Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element 

The #copperhair hashtag on TikTok has nearly 25 million views and counting – and there are plenty of DIY tips. “Everyone always wants to make a statement after something big has happened,” adds Victoria Hunter, colourist and co-owner of New York City’s Whittemore House Salon, who recently took model Ariel Nicholson to a rich shade of cinnamon. 

Celebrities are leading the way with copper hair. FKA twigs debuted ultra-saturated copper curls, while Bella Hadid showed off her chunky, Ginger Spice-inspired face-framing highlights; her sister, Gigi, soon followed suit with long, fiery auburn strands for her Versace’s fall show appearance. 

“Right now, [it’s about] these dipped-in-Kool-Aid tones and a DIY henna look,” says New York–based colourist Jenna Perry.

But be prepared, this double-process dye job takes a lot of maintenance, with trips to the salon needed every six to eight weeks, with at-home gloss or colour conditioners in between. 

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