Dutch government eases lockdown, opening shops, gyms and hairdressers

The Dutch government eases lockdown in the Netherlands as shops, hairdressers and gyms will be allowed to reopen in the EU country, but bars and restaurants must stay closed, the Dutch government made the announcement said it was easing one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe.

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Bars, restaurants, museums and theatres will remain closed until at least 25 January, the government said.

The Netherlands has been reporting more than 30,000 new daily COVID-19 infections, an all-time record since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Netherlands enters strict lockdown until 14 January as Omicron triggers Covid surge

Dutch government eases lockdown

“I understand very well that it feels completely unfair after all those long months of closure and after all that effort to open safely,” said Prime Minister Mark Rutte about the hospitality industry in the Netherlands.

The Dutch spent both Christmas and New Years’ in lockdown but from Saturday, shops will be able to reopen until 17:00. Hospitalisations were high in early December but have since decreased.

The Dutch Covid restrictions were particularly volatile with protests clashes with police prior to Christmas.

However now, the Dutch Government is slowly moving back towards a normal life. Schools also reopened earlier this week as the Netherlands looks to move out of one of the toughest covid lockdown Christmases in Europe.


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