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Belgium is a country based in northwestern Europe and hosts the European Parliament and NATO headquarters. Both are based in the Capital city Brussels; a cosmopolitan city with a global population.

A Quick Look in the History of Belgium

The country is divided into three distinct regions, owing to the various rules of the French, Dutch, and Germans.

It has created 3 distinctive regions including Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north, French-speaking Wallonia to the south, and a German-speaking community to the east.

The Geographical location of Belgium

It geographically borders Germany, Netherlands, France, and Luxembourg. it also shares a coastal border with the North Sea.

A historical place with a colonial past that has developed its wealth on the riches of Africa. One of their famous colonizers was dubbed ‘The Butcher of Congo’, because of the nature of his brutal conquests in Congo.

Belgium was not rich in natural resources so it exploited Africa, Today the country still trades in Cobalt mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Today Belgium is paying some forms of reparations to the Congolese and making (some) amends for their horrible past.

The country has built unique architecture influenced by its European neighbours, and houses some of the most stunning medieval buildings in Europe.

In the modern world, Brussels is known for its dynamic and global culture, the majority of the population has assimilated to this change over the last 30 years. As the city houses over 108 languages and over 150 different nationalities.

The country of northwestern Europe - Belgium with an image of its medieval architecture.
The country of northwestern Europe known as Belgium (BE)

The Importance of Belgium on the World Stage

The country has risen in significance within the EU because the European Parliament was situated there. And has now become one of the most important centers of news and information.

News Agencies setting up offices in the region to track the latest European News and NATO developments.

The latest news from Belgium 

For more information, you can follow the dedicated page for news and cultural developments from Belgium 24 hours a day at WTX EU News.

Belgium’s airlines Brussels Airlines Brussels Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Belgium. – Brussels Airlines is the home carrier of Belgium…

In Belgium, a recent documentary on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has caused shock and soul-searching, reigniting a debate about the way religion is funded in the country. Unlike in neighbouring France, the Belgian state finances officially recognised religions, with representatives of the Catholic Church receiving the best pay. But the abuse scandal has seen many people demand a change in the rules. The justice ministry has asked the Church to remove members of the clergy guilty of sexual abuse from the list of those paid by the state, and a parliamentary inquiry is underway. Our correspondent reports.