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Summary of the Top 6 headlines today

Financial Times – Amazon uses monopoly to hurt shoppers, says US lawsuit 

The Financial Times leads with a lawsuit brought against Amazon by the US Federal Trade Commission and 17 US states alleging that the retailer illegally uses monopoly power to overcharge consumers, hobble competitors, and exploit sellers on its marketplace platform. 

The paper says the suit marks one of the biggest tests yet for Commission chair Lina Khan and her “more aggressive stance towards Big Tech, which she believes has skirted regulatory scrutiny for decades”.

The front page has a picture of the former Wirecard executive Marsalek who has been named in the alleged Russian spying ring. 

Why is there no PMQs today?

Why is there no PMQs today? 

Why is there no PMQs today?  There will be no Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) today as the House of Commons

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