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The LSE opening ceremony where guests and companies are invited to ring the bell on the trading floor.

If your daily work brief is organised and resourced, why shouldn’t your news be?

How Financial Traders Work

Financial traders spend thousands a month on sourcing the information before everyone else. That can mean the difference between making millions on a trade or huge loss on assets.

Just the news on its own isn’t enough At WTX Business News you can also gain Expert Insight To Find Opportunity Within The Financial Sector. Trusted Analysis and exclusive content.

Content & Email Briefings

For the Full Perspective and a clear picture of the financial market. Covering all types of Business News, Analysis and of course our award-winning commentary.
Financial News is more than numbers. It covers analysis and commentary on investment banking. The viability of fund management and hedge funds from professionals in the industry.
Looking after your future with pensions, private equity, and fintech. And we muddle through the complex world of financial regulation and so much more. All this is delivered in your morning Business Briefing as a specialist service.

Bank of England

We have a dedicated section to the Bank of England. No single institute can create so many shockwaves globally.

The news includes and covers the financial services sector through news, views and extensive people coverage.

The London Stock Exchange (LSE)

The London Stock exchange is extensively covered in our Business News section. It is one of the most important and oldest exchanges which has billions of pounds worth of transactions on a monthly basis.

A financial centre is defined by the IMF as encompassing: International Financial Centres (IFCs), such as New York City, London

Where can I read business news?

The Best Websites for Business News in English and cover all the business updates from all the sections below:

Financial News Newspaper

BBC Business News

CItyAM financial reports

Bloomberg Business News

Financial News UK

Latest Financial News

Financial News Today

The Financial Times

What is the business world?

News from the business world comes from all the financial institutions and business Hubs from around the world. We scoured the globe to bring you the top business news today.