Warning, Graphic Content - Afghanistan explosion news Kabul Airport latest

Warning, Graphic Content - Afghanistan explosion news Kabul Airport latest

Afghanistan explosion news – Kabul Aiport explosion

Kabul airport explosion: A Terror attack bomb blast outside Kabul airport in Afghanistan has killed at least 40 people including children.

I News says, Unconfirmed reports suggest that at least 11 people from the US have been killed as well as additional casualties including children. The I focuses on the amount of soldiers killed, “Multiple” American soldiers have also been killed.

US officials have confirmed with outlets reporting four casualties. No British troops are believed to have been killed.

Afghanistan news

Afghanistan: US ‘blew up military equipment’ after Kabul bomb attack to stop it falling into wrong hands

At least 95 Afghans killed in Kabul airport bombings, toll may be higher: Official

Boris Johnson says he will “shift heaven and earth” to help people leave Kabul after 31 August, as evacuations by the UK enter the final stages.

The prime minister said he felt a “great sense of regret” about those left behind in Afghanistan.

No more people are being called to the airport to leave, with the Ministry of Defence saying it had closed processing facilities in Kabul.

American troops will withdraw by the end of the month.

Warning, Graphic Content – Afghanistan explosion news latest from Kabul airport 

The video cannot be uploaded to social media and we advise caution and some of you might find the images distressing.


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