Ukraine to regain control of Snake Island

Ukraine to regain control of Snake Island after Russians withdraw overnight.

The Russian army said on Thursday that it had withdrawn from Snake Island, a strategic position in the Black Sea conquered by Moscow which had come under Ukrainian shelling in recent weeks.

The defence ministry in Russia said the move was “a sign of goodwill” and aimed at facilitating grain exports.

Since the Russia-Ukraine war started there has been a shortage of grain around the world.

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Ukraine to regain control of Snake Island

The small island became emblematic on the first day of the Russian offensive when a member of the small Ukrainian garrison defending it used an expletive in response to Russian demands they surrender.

“On 30 June, as a sign of goodwill, the Russian armed forces fulfilled their objectives on Snake Island and withdrew their garrison there,” said Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

“Russia does not oppose UN efforts to create a humanitarian corridor to export grain from Ukraine,” he said.

Earlier on Thursday, authorities appointed by Moscow in the Black Sea port of Berdiansk said that a merchant ship carrying 7,000 tonnes of grain had left the Russian-occupied Ukrainian city, protected by the Russian navy and heading for “friendly countries”.

Following the announcement that Ukraine to regain control of Snake Island hoes for peace have risen in the region.


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