Ukraine exposes US withdrawal from Afghanistan - US leaves citizens behind in Kabul

Ukraine exposes US withdrawal from Afghanistan - US leaves citizens behind in Kabul

Ukraine Minister exposes the real US withdrawal from Afghanistan for leaving US citizens behind as senior staff escape the wrath of the Taliban but others are left stranded to fend for themselves.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine has put out a strong statement stating its intention to help its citizens and others leave the country.

It comes amid reports that “almost all” of the US embassy’s staff are at the airport waiting for evacuation.

Breaking News – US Embassy Kabul falls as Afghan Taliban take back their country

In the meantime, the Taliban have issued statements saying they plan to establish a government and a rule of law. The Us withdrawal from Afghanistan has come under scathing attacks globally, as the Taliban have undone 20 years of work in less than 40 days.

A summary of the extraordinary events since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan

  • Afghanistan’s government has collapsed, with reports that its president Ashraf Ghani has fled to Uzbekistan
  • Thousands of residents and foreign nationals are trying to escape Kabul, with scenes of chaos and panic being seen at its airport
  • More than 60 countries have issued a joint statement calling for security and civil order to be immediately restored, and asking the Taliban to let those who wish to do so leave
  • Earlier today, the US completed the evacuation of its embassy and took down the flag at its diplomatic quarters
  • Analysts have expressed that activists are spreading false news expressing concerns for women in Afghanistan


Afghanistan: Taliban enters outskirts of Kabul

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