UAE: Man ordered to pay over Dh7,000 for posting woman's Snapchat photos

UAE: Man ordered to pay over Dh7,000 for posting woman's Snapchat photos

A court in Ras Al Khaimah ordered a young man to pay a woman Dh7,464 in compensation for posting her photos online and obligated him to pay legal fees and expenses.

The GCC woman, according to Emarat Al Youm, filed a complaint alleging that the GCC man’s conduct caused her worry and repeated visits to doctors, the police, and the Public Prosecution. She said that this cost her money as well as ruined her reputation and marriage chances.
The defendant’s attorney claimed there was no proof that the man published pictures of the plaintiff or defamed her.
He demanded that the plaintiff pay legal fees and expenses and that the case be dismissed.

The Criminal Court confirmed that it was established in the Public Prosecution’s investigations that the young man admitted to accessing the girl’s Snapchat account after she gave him the password.

The court convicted the young man of accessing the girl’s account to the girl’s account in circumstances that were not authorized by law. The young man also defamed the girl and breached her privacy by accessing her Snapchat, according to the court.



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