Two airplanes collide at Dubai’s main airport

Two airplanes collide at Dubai’s main airport

Two passenger jets from low-cost carrier FlyDubai and Bahrain-based Gulf Air collided with each other on the taxiway at Dubai International Airport early Thursday morning, though authorities reported no injuries in the incident.

FlyDubai said one of its Boeing 737-800s traveling to Kyrgyzstan was forced to return to the gate due to a “minor incident.” Passengers were moved to a later flight, which took off six hours later, according to the report.

“FlyDubai will work with the authorities to investigate the incident,” the airline said, adding that the collision damaged a wingtip on one of the aircraft.

One of Gulf Air’s aircraft was “impacted on the tail by an aircraft of another carrier,” according to the airline. Gulf Air did not name the planes involved in the incident, but said it was “working to reconnect all passengers to their final destinations.” Gulf Air flies passengers from Dubai International Airport to Bahrain International Airport in Manama, which is the airport’s hub.

Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest airport for international travel before the coronavirus pandemic, said the collision forced them to shut down one of its two runways for two hours. It said operations were not affected by the closure.

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