UK, Israel to work together to stop Iran gaining power in the region

UK, Israel to work together to stop Iran gaining power in the region

Britain and Israel will “work night and day” to stop Iran gaining power in the region and becoming a nuclear power, the foreign ministers of the two countries wrote in a joint article.

“The clock is ticking, which heightens the need for close cooperation with our partners and friends to thwart Tehran’s ambitions,” the UK’s Liz Truss and her Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid wrote in the Telegraph newspaper on Sunday.

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The Guardian; Macron, 13 leaders on the leaked data list by Israeli spy software

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said earlier in the day that his country was “very worried” and has to stop Iran gaining power. Because world powers will remove sanctions on Iran in exchange for insufficient caps on its nuclear program, as negotiators convene in Vienna on Monday in a last-ditch effort to salvage a nuclear deal.

Stop Iran gaining power

Israel and Britain will sign a 10-year agreement on Monday to work closely on areas such as cybersecurity, technology, trade and defence. This is despite the concerns that have been raised by the Israeli developed intrusive spying software ‘Pegasus’ which has been closely linked with spying on Politicians and activists globally.

Opposition voices to this deal in France and the EU have suggested this deal has been made so the UK can have access to the Pegasus software and spy on its nationals. Using Iran as a cover to gain access to the controversial software.

The foreign ministers added in the article that Israel will officially become Britain’s “tier one” cyber partner, in a bid to improve its cyber defences as countries around the world face increased threats.



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