Authorities launch investigations following power outages in Gardens Hospital, deaths announced

Authorities launch investigations following power outages in Gardens Hospital, deaths announced

Saturday, eyewitnesses told Roya that the vicinity of the Gardens Hospital designated for COVID-19 patients witnessed overcrowding due to patients’ families gathering.

What is the reason for this? They said that power outages killed relatives who were receiving treatment in intensive care units and on respirators.

After news of deaths inside the hospital followed the cuts, security services blocked off the perimeter of the Gardens Hospital, which the government rented and designated to patients ill with the coronavirus.
The Health Minister, Feras Al-Hawari and the Minister of Interior Mazen Al-Faraya reported to the hospital.

Hassan Al-Hawari, the Director of the National Center for Forensic Medicine, said the center was informed of the deaths as a result of the power outage, and that the public prosecutor had also been on the scene to take appropriate action in these situations.

The two deaths, according to Hassan Al-Hawari, included a man and a woman.

Autopsies were also conducted by forensic medical teams at the hospital.

In an audio recording Roya obtained from the hospital director, Fayez Abu Humaidan, said that one of the deceased patients occurred at 10 pm, which led to some problems in the hospital, and the death was not in the intensive care unit.

Abu Humaidan said that the electricity in the hospital usually does not go out, and in the event of an electrical outage, the backup generators operate, noting the lighting units in the intensive care unit were exposed to an electrical malfunction that lasted five minutes.

However, he stressed that the medical devices were never affected.
The power outage at Gardens Hospital, on the other hand, lasted more than 20 minutes, according to eyewitnesses in the area.
Sakher Dudin, Minister of State for Media Affairs and the government’s official spokesman, stated that as soon as the relevant government agencies learned of the power outage at the Gardens Hospital, they moved quickly to determine the facts of the incident, its causes, and the damages that resulted.

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