Muslim woman in India humiliated and forced to take off burqa in public

A Muslim woman in India was humiliated on social media yesterday. After a video posted to social media that showed a woman wearing a headscarf being harassed and attacked by a Hindu mob attack.

In the Indian village of Islamnagar, a group of Hindu men forced her to take off her burqa in public and humiliated her sharing it on social media.

A video of the incident went viral on social media. In the video, the burqa and niqab-clad woman could be seen sitting on a motorbike, accompanied by a man. 

A mob could be seen harassing the girl for wearing the burqa after which she was forced to take it off.

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Muslim women in India targetted by Hindu mob attack

“Take the burqa off, you are giving a bad name to the nation,” a member of the mob could be heard telling the woman in the video.

She was then asked by the mob to remove her niqab too upon which the man accompanying her protested.

“You have to take the niqab off as well,” the member of the mob could be heard saying.

Imran Khan warned the world against the rise of the Far-Right in India

The entire incident was filmed by the Hindu mob and then shared on social media as a victory for the far-right in India.

The video drew widespread criticism on social media and was played alongside a clip of Pakistani PM Imran Khan warning the world about the rise of the Far-right in India. He suggested this movement was promoted by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has given the Hindu movement more power and protection under his government, giving a rise to Hate crimes in the country.

So far the Police have not made any arrests and the two men have been freed reportedly with the police after receiving a warning.


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