Kashmir Hour: Pakistan PM leads Kashmir solidarity rallies

PM Imran Khan stands with Kashmir

Tens of thousands have held protests across Pakistan expressing solidarity with Kashmiris. As Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan promises to raise the issues of rights violations by India in the disputed Kashmir region. 

“The whole world should have stood with Kashmir,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said at a rally in Islamabad on Friday. 

“But today I have to say, with sadness, that when there is an injustice against Muslims, then the international community, and those institutions like the UN that are to provide justice, remain silent.”

Khan strongly criticised his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi and the BJP. Khan called his government “fascist and racist” and compared the party to the Nazis. On Friday, he repeated his warning that if India took military action across the Line of Control, the situation could escalate quickly. 

“Our army is ready that if there is any kind of [attack] on Azad Kashmir [Pakistan’s name for the region under its administration], then we are ready for them,” he said. 

Adding: “But the world should know that when two countries with nuclear weapons are facing each other like this, it will not just harm the region, it will harm the world.”

Khan has said he will raise the matter in the UN General Assembly in September. And Pakistan’s Foreign Minister is due to attend an upcoming meeting of the UN’s Human Rights Council to raise the issue. 

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