Israeli jets Bomb Gaza this morning - Video of Bombing! 2022

Israeli jets Bomb Gaza this morning - Video of Bombing! 2022

Israeli jets Bomb Gaza in the cover of darkness early this morning. Israel’s military confirmed the attack and said early Sunday morning it launched strikes in the Gaza Strip, a day after rockets were fired from the Hamas-ruled territory.

Video from Sawt Asharq news agency in Palestine showed three huge explosions and fighter jets could be heard flying overhead. There was no immediate confirmation of possible casualties.

The Israeli military said the attacks targeted a rocket manufacturing facility and a military post for Hamas. It also blamed the militant Islamic group for any violence emanating from the territory it controls.

Video – Israeli jets Bomb Gaza

According to the Israeli military, the airstrikes come as retaliation for two rockets fired from Gaza on Saturday which landed in the Mediterranean Sea off central Israel. However, local reports from the region state that no rockets were fired.

Reports of possible rocket fire are not clear as to whether the rockets were meant to hit Israel, but Gaza-based militant groups often test-fire missiles toward the sea. Some have also suggested they were fireworks that did not land in the sea.

Illegal detention

So far there were no reports of casualties from Saturday’s rocket launches.

Tension are always high in the region as Palestinians push to seek justice to end the administrative detention of a Palestinian prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for over 130 days.

On Wednesday, Palestinians retaliated in Gaza and lightly wounded an Israeli civilian near the security fence and Israel responded with tank fire targeting multiple civilian sites in the first exchange of fire in months.

The Israeli military has a history of attacking Palestinians during celebrations; like Ramdhan, Eid and New Year, whenever there are holidays. It is understood to be a tactic deployed by the Israeli’s to frustrate the Palestinians to move out of Gaza into neighbouring Jordan. The headline’ Israeli jets Bomb Gaza ‘ is used by world media following any holiday celebration in the region.


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