Why Gucci Is Still The Hottest Luxury Brand For 2021 And Beyond

Why Gucci Is Still The Hottest Luxury Brand For 2021 And Beyond

Gucci tops the list and remains the world’s hottest brand for a second consecutive year. What’s given Gucci life again?

In 2015, visionary designer Alessandro Michele took over as creative director at Gucci, and with Michele at the helm of the brand, it’s found a newfound sense of life. 

Why Gucci Is Still The Hottest Luxury Brand For 2021 And Beyond
Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele

Gucci has seen triple-digit growth and global admiration.  But when the pandemic hit, Gucci, like many other fashion houses, saw sales fall and many wondered if Michele’s excessively embellished designs were right for a subdued world. 

Gucci ditched the Milan Fashion Week format and shook things up with a “seasonless” approach. They had fewer collections and a bigger emphasis on sustainability.  Over the pandemic, the fashion brand focused on a new handbag collection, a 100th-anniversary collection, groundbreaking fashion “hacking” and other creative ideas to promote the brand. 

Gucci Beloved 

Their latest move was enlisting James Corden to appear in a series of Hollywood-style faux TV talk segments with A-listers such as Harry Styles, Diane Keaton, Serena Williams, and more. The stars appeared in the segments holding a handbag from the new Gucci Beloved collection. 

The six, 2-minute videos have clearly worked as they’ve been widely spread on social media. 

“We decided to show the concept of ‘beloved’ in an ironic way in the campaign, being inspired by the fact that bags are the protagonists in my life and in the lives of many other people,” Michele explains in a statement. “We went back in time to the original TV talk shows, where the protagonist is the bag itself, the big star.”

The Gucci Beloved collection combines contemporary styling with archival Gucci motifs. The handbags are investment pieces that are not tied to a season, classic pieces that will stand the test of time. 

Why Gucci Is Still The Hottest Luxury Brand For 2021 And Beyond
Harry Styles for the Gucci Beloved handbag collection 

The Dionysus bag is at the heart of the collection. It has two tiger heads shaped in the form of a spur, an ode to the Greek god who in myth is said to have crossed the river Tigris on a tiger sent to him by Zeus. 

There’s also the Gucci Horsebit 1955 – featuring a double ring and bar that nods to Gucci’s equestrian heritage. The GG Marmont  – with Double G logo initials. And The Jackie 1961 – curved half-moon shape and emblematic piston closure, 

“I truly love and adore my handbags,” Michele proclaims. “Perhaps they will always be my greatest love, my favorite accessory. It was therefore natural for me to call some of the ones I created ‘Beloved.’ The name comes from my own personal experience and my love for them.”

Gucci’s 100th anniversary

The new handbag collection comes just ahead of a major runway collection that celebrates Gucci’s 100th anniversary. It’s been dubbed “Aria” – and features a massive 94 looks for men and women, presented in a video set at London’s Savoy Hotel and a Garden of Eden forest. The soundtrack is a whole lot of hip hop including Lil Pumps’ Gucci Gang, Bhad Babie & Lil Yatchy’s Gucci Flip Flops, and Rick Ross’s Green Gucci Suit.  

Gucci is planning to combine its collections and create two coed shows each year. 

Why Gucci Is Still The Hottest Luxury Brand For 2021 And Beyond
Gucci 100th Anniversary

It appears Michele went far back into the Gucci archives for the collection, recreating some iconic looks. It includes the iconic red velvet suit designed by Tom Ford (who headed Gucci from 1994-04) and Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress from the 1996  MTV Music Awards.  

Gucci Fashion Hacking

What stands out the most is Gucci’s “hacking” of luxury competitor Balenciaga. Michele looked through the competitor’s design history for a series of outfits, jewelry, and accessories that combine logos from both fashion brands. Michele said it was an approved “hacking” over a collaboration. 

It’s rare for two massive design labels to join forces and the collection is likely to sell out quickly. The designs include glittery suits, coats, hats, and necklaces. 

Why Gucci Is Still The Hottest Luxury Brand For 2021 And Beyond
Gucci Hacking

Last year, Gucci unveiled an outdoor collaboration with North Face – which also sold out quickly. The collection included ‘70s inspired puffer coats, quilted jackets, windbreakers, and vests, along with clothing, tents, and backpacks. The collection was designed to tap into the spirit of the outdoors and dreams of wanderlust throughout the many lockdowns. 

The Gucci Movie 

Experts predict Gucci will continue to thrive as lockdowns end and the world slowly gets back to normal. More 100th anniversary celebrations are planned throughout the year and the brand will get a bigger boost from the release of House of Gucci in November. 

Why Gucci Is Still The Hottest Luxury Brand For 2021 And Beyond
Lady Gaga and Adam Driver star in the House of Gucci film 

The film stars Lady Gaga and Adam Driver and is currently filming in Italy. The film will detail the true story of Patrizia Reggiani – the socialite who was charged with murdering her husband Maurizio Gucci in 1997. The film production was granted access to Gucci fashion archives and has recreated the styles of the era. 

“The outfits are everything,” Harper’s Bazaar gushes. “Several paparazzi photos have emerged from the set of House of Gucci, and it’s safe to say that viewers will be dazzled with retro fashion and incredible performances.”



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