David Beckham cannabis skin care firm to sell shares on LSE

David Beckham cannabis skin care firm to sell shares on LSE

A company backed by David Beckham, which uses compounds found in cannabis and will be used to make cannabis skin care and athletic products, plans to sell shares on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Cellular Goods, who sold a stake to DB Ventures (David Beckham’s investment firm) aims to sell products from September 2021, according to its website, which will make it the first firm of its kind to debut on the LSE.

While many recreational drug companies have sprung up in the US, where states in including California have legalised it, those companies can’t raise money in London, as it is illegal in the UK.

David Beckham cannabis skin care is the future

It is part of a growing market for products which use chemicals found in cannabis for skin regimes. The company makes its products in labs, rather than from plants. The appetite for cannabinoid products is huge and the biosynthetic cannabinoids is the work of the future.

Two of the main active chemicals found in cannabis plants are cannabidiol (CBD) – often used in skincare products – and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

While THC is a controlled substance, cannabidiol is not. Tests show that stronger forms of CBD, thank those sold in the UK, can help reduce the number of epileptic seizures in some patients, by more than 40%.

David Beckham to make a movie about himself

David Beckham is reportedly in talks with streaming services Netflix and Amazon to make a new film about his life. The movie, inspired by basketball player Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance,” will be produced by the English footballer’s TV company Studio 99.

Beckham, who has four kids with his singer and fashion designer-wife Victoria Beckham, has already started working on the project and is currently in talks with both entertainment companies over the rights.


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