Daily News Briefing: UK travel quarantine rule come into effect

Monday, June 8


Monday 8 June 2020 News Briefing – Today’s headlines are dominated by the global Coronavirus Pandemic. As of 6:30 am (GMT), these are the global active numbers.


Coronavirus Cases: 7,092,919

Deaths: 406,207

Recovered: 3,462,185

Today’s Outlook
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  • NYC to reopen next week.
  • Covid-19 crisis halts cancer screenings in Japan.
  • UK travel quarantine rule to come into effect.
  • UK lockdown: charities raise alarm as thousands face poverty.
  • NZ to lift all lockdown measures as country clears its last case.
  • Saudi Arabia’s cases exceed 100,000 as a further 36 people die. 

Mayor says NYC is within parameters to proceed with reopening next week 

Mayor Bill de Blasio said NYC is within parameters regarding its Covid-19 data to proceed as planned with their phase one reopening on Monday.

The statewide thresholds to enter phase one include having less than 200 people admitted to hospitals per day, to have under 375 intensive care patients across the city and to have less than 15% of city residents test positive for Covid-19. 

As of Sunday, NYC hospitals have admitted 72 people.

Read the full story on CNN


Covid-19 crisis halts cancer screenings in Japan

Japan Times says Japan’s Covid-19 epidemic is putting people’s lives at risk by causing postponements of cancer screenings, reducing opportunities for detection and treatment in the early stages of cancer.

Experts are urging people to take examinations once screening providers resume operations. 

Read the full story on Japan Times


UK travel quarantine rule come into effect 

The UK is attempting to kickstart the economy after lockdown and from today the UK quarantine rules come onto effect. BBC News says new rules requiring all people arriving in the UK to self-isolate for 14 days have come into effect. 

Those arriving by plane, ferry or train- including UK nationals – will have to provide an address where they will self-isolate or face fines of up to £1,000 if they do not follow the rules.

The UK quarantine Coronavirus rules have attracted quite a lot of criticism from members of the air & travel industry who have accused the PM of crippling the airlines industry.

Read the full story on BBC News


Coronavirus lockdown: charities raise alarm as thousands face poverty 

The Guardian says charities providing emergency food supplies to people with a limited immigration status known as “no recourse to public funds” have expressed concern at the PM’s refusal to offer support to a group pushed into destitution by the lockdown. 

Hundreds of thousands of immigration in the UK have an immigration status that allows them to work here but prevents them from accessing most benefits should they become unemployed.

Read the full story on The Guardian


New Zealand says to lift all coronavirus restrictions as it clears last Covid-19 case

France24 says New Zealand’s prime minister said on Monday that all coronavirus measures in the country will be lifted from Tuesday, barring border closure restrictions, as the virus had been eliminated from the country.

NZ would move to national alert level 1 from midnight on Monday, Jacinda Arden said in a news conference.

Read the full story on France24


Saudi Arabia’s coronavirus cases exceed 100,000 as virus claims another 36 lives

Arab News says Saudi health chiefs opened a temporary hospital in Jeddah and 31 new 24/7 walk-in clinics across the Kingdom on Sunday as the number of coronavirus cases passed 100,000. 

The hospital, at the Jeddah International Exhibition and Convention Centre north of the city, will treat patients with mild symptoms. It has opened with 20 beds and will have 500 when fully operational.

Read the full story on Arab News or

A quick look at the other top stories from around the world

George Floyd: Minneapolis council pledges to dismantle police department

BBC News says a majority of Minneapolis City Council has pledged to dismantle the local police department, a significant move amid nationwide protests sparked by George Floyd’s death last month.

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Stung by crises, the brander in chief searches for a reelection message

President Trump is trying new slogans and nicknames for his reelection, after the nation’s woes knocked out.

Clashes between protesters and police appear to have ebbed even as several cities saw their largest ever demonstrations over the weekend.

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PM: Anti-racism protests ‘subverted by thuggery’ 

BBC News says Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said anti-racism protests at the weekend were “subverted by thuggery” after some demonstrators clashed with police.

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‘No to racism!’: Statues targeted as George Floyd anti-racism protests spread across Europe

Thousands across Europe demonstrated for the second consecutive day on Sunday, in support of a global protest against racism and police brutality that followed the death of 46-year-old black-American George Floyd in Minnesota on May 25.

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Ex-Chadian dictator Hissene Habre returns to prison

Africa News says Chad’s former dictator Hissene Habre will return to prison in Senegal on Sunday after a two-month release aimed at protecting him from the coronavirus.

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‘Rolling emergency’ of locust swarms decimating Africa, Asia and the Middle East 

The Guardian says locust swarms threaten a “rolling emergency” that could endanger harvests and food security across parts of Africa and Asia for the rest of the year, experts warn.

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Thailand holds Zoom protest for Black Lives Matter movement

CNA says some 300 Thais and foreigners in Thailand and elsewhere joined an online protest against racism on Sunday (Jun 7), adding their voices to global calls for justice for black American George Floyd, who died in United States police custody in Minneapolis last month.

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sports news

arts & ent

Conor McGregor retires for the thrid time

‘This game does not excite me’ Connor McGregor announces retirement for the third time

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Caroline Flack prosecutor defends decision

Caroline Flack prosecutors defend assault trial as her boyfriend ‘was in danger’ 

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