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Saudi Arabia is also known by the name ‘Saudi‘. A middle eastern country comprising most of the Arabian Peninsula.

The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh, which is situated towards the eastern part of the country. It is also the financial capital of the country and most recently Saudi Aramco the world’s largest company launched on the Riyadh Stock exchange.

This country is also the birthplace of Islam and has some of the most sacred mosques in the world. The famous Haram al-Sharif is situated in Mecca and is the most popular destination for Muslims.

Madinah is the city of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the Prophet your revealed Islam to the world.

Jeddah, Mecca, Madinah and Riyadh are also some of the most popular tourist attractions here with some famous Islamic heritage sites.

The country is part of APAC and is the richest oil-producing nation in the world. The country is dependent on oil production and has developed the nation on the money that has been made from oil.

The official language of this country is Arabic with free education at all levels. The country is rich and invests money in different organisations and places across the world.

For many years the Saudi government and princes have been diversifying and investing their wealth globally. The Saudi prince had shares in Man Utd some years ago, Al Rayan Bank in the UK was funded by investors from Saudi Arabia, $20bn investment in Pakistan, etc. In fact, they have the largest economy in the Middle East and ranks at a good position of 19 on a global level.

This country attracts a lot of pilgrims from across the globe. In fact, they are the 19th most visited country in the world, they plan on going higher on the list as the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin-Salman is planning on developing the tourist hotspot to diversify their economy from its dependence on oil.

It is estimated that these numbers will be tripled by the end of the year 2020.