Coronavirus latest: Belize, the 4th country in the world to become free of coronavirus Pandemic

Belize has succeeded in becoming the fourth country in the world to be completely free from any cases,  after being hit along with 211 other countries worldwide with the pandemic, they announced, on Tuesday, that they have overcome the crisis with no longer any active cases in the country.

Belize, a Caribbean island located in Central America, 16 of the 18 cases registered in the country have recovered from Covid-19, while they had 2 fatalities.

Belize recorded its first case of Coronavirus on March 23rd. The 18th case was on13th April and the country remained on lockdown for more than three weeks without any new cases being recorded. It registered the only two deaths in April.

On Tuesday.the health department announced that the last three infected cases of the virus have fully recovered.

The 4th country to recover from COVID_19

Health authorities in Belize are monitoring any new developments of the Coronavirus. But they hope that the virus will not come back into the country as has been the case with other countries, such as Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean, Mauritania, Burundi in Africa, and Yemen who all thought they had become virus-free.

It’s important to mention that there are only 3 independent territories worldwide that have succeeded completely in overcoming the coronavirus without any deaths records; The provinces of Anguilla and the Falkland Islands, which belong to the British Overseas Territories, and the Territory of Saint Bartimley, which belongs to the French Overseas Territories.


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