CNN segment about inflation makes a froth out of Milk & inflation – Hilarious

CNN segment about inflation makes a froth out of Milk & inflation – Hilarious

On Thursday, a CNN segment about inflation featuring the Stotlers, a large family that says they are feeling the effects of inflation. The segment is five minutes long but is entirely about family grocery shopping.

CNN host Brianna Keilar teased the segment in a tweet with a quote from the Stotlers that claimed a gallon of milk has gone from $1.99 to $2.79 recently and, because the large family buys 12 gallons of milk a week, “that’s a lot of money.”


CNN segment about inflation striking a nerve online

The CNN segment is striking a nerve online in part because “12 gallons of milk a week” is an eye-popping number (the Stotlers have nine kids, they say), and in part, because people have been obsessed with inflation over the last several months, and whether or not it is “transitory”—that is, a short-term situation caused by supply chain disruptions.

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The reopening of the economy after COVID-19 lockdowns, and the general rebound to “normal” after a year in which economic activity was depressed for several months.

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