23 aid workers on ship delivering aid to Tonga have COVID-19

Australian military ship delivering aid to Tonga reports 23 crew members & aid workers have tested positive for the Covid, officials said.

23 Aid workers on a ship delivering aid to Tonga have COVID-19. The Australian military ship is delivering aid to Tonga – however, 23 crew members and aid workers have tested positive for the coronavirus, officials said Tuesday.

Raising fears that aid could bring a wave of COVID-19 to the Tongan nation, which so far managed to avoid any covid outbreaks.

Tongan authorities have been wary that accepting international aid could usher in a bigger disaster than the huge eruption of an undersea volcano 10 days ago. The eruption triggered a tsunami that destroyed dozens of homes, and volcanic ash has tainted drinking water.

23 Aid workers on the ship – have tested positive

First aid shipments leave for Tonga, amid fears aid workers could bring ‘tsunami of Covid’

Tonga calls for ‘immediate aid’ after a volcanic eruption, tsunami

Since the pandemic began, Tonga has reported just a single case of COVID-19 and has avoided any outbreaks. It’s one of the few countries in the world currently completely virus free. About 61 percent of Tongans are fully vaccinated, according to Our World in Data.

Australian officials said 23 crew members were infected on the HMAS Adelaide, which left Brisbane on Friday.


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