UK weather: Heat warning, temps to hit 32C

UK weather: Heat warning, temps to hit 32C

UK weather: Heat warning, temps to hit 32C

Temperatures are set to hit 32C this weekend as warnings are issued to the public to stay safe in the heat. 

Forecasters believe Sunday could be the hottest day of the year – and that this could be the warmest weekend so far.

A health alert has been issued in England with the high temps predicted to be  “widespread across the bulk of Britain” from the end of the week and through the weekend.

Saturday is predicted to be very warm with long spells of sunshine for most of the UK. 

And it is set to be “even hotter on Sunday,” with temperatures from the Vale of York to Cardiff and parts of East Anglia set to be “widely 30plus”. 

“31C, 32C wouldn’t be out of the question as well”, said Met Office meteorologist, Aidan McGivern.

He said Sunday would be “A hot day, the hottest day of the year so far, the hottest weekend of the year so far.”

The sunshine could bring high sunburn and pollen risk, the forecaster added. 

Will Lang, head of civil contingencies at the Met Office, added: “Across most parts of the UK we’re expecting to see temperatures building, reaching heatwave thresholds across the majority of England over the weekend.

“High temperatures will remain a feature of the forecast until Tuesday, when fresher conditions arrive curtailing heatwave levels.”

PHE have warned the public to stay alert and keep cool and hydrated. 

The alert, which covers England – excluding parts of the North.



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