UK heatwave: Temperatures to hit 33C amid extreme heat warning

UK heatwave: Temperatures to hit 33C amid extreme heat warning

UK heatwave: Temperatures to hit 33C amid extreme heat warning

Parts of the UK are set to hit 33C later, hotter than some of Europe’s top holiday destinations.

The Met Office has issued a new-style extreme heat weather warning and told people to watch out for sunburn and heat exhaustion. 

The amber warning from the Met Office covers large parts of Wales, all of south-west England and parts of southern and central England. 

The warning is in place until Thursday when temperatures are expected to peak. 

Public Health England has also issued a heat-health alert.

PHE is advising people to stay out of the sun between 11:00 BST and 15:00 BST, drink plenty of water and avoid excessive alcohol and physical exertion during these times. 

The Met Office has warned people could be at risk of sunburn and heat exhaustion – including dehydration, nausea and fatigue – over the next few days 

As temperatures rise, heat-sensitive systems may fail, leading to power cuts. The warning also includes a possibility there could also be delays to road, rail and air travel, leading to long delays. 

It also warned that as more people visited coastal areas, lakes and rivers, there was an “increased risk of water safety incidents”.

Six people drowned in English lakes and rivers over the weekend, with rescuers warning of the invisible but deadly dangers of open water.

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