Southern France baking under record high temperatures for May

Several southern French towns sizzled in record high temperatures for May on Wednesday, while the month as a whole is on track to be the hottest since records began, the national weather service said.

France baking under record high temperatures is nothing new, but following the start of the month which was wet and cold, this is a massive change in the fortune of travellers and french residents.

France baking under record high temperatures

Towns such as Albi, Toulouse and Montelimar in southern France set records of between 33.4-33.9 degrees Celsius (92.1-93.0 degrees Fahrenheit) on Wednesday, while areas on the west and northern coasts also logged unprecedented highs, Meteo-France said.

The country has been in the grip of an extraordinary warm spell for this time of year, with the last 37 days in a row featuring temperatures above the average.

Record high temperatures for May

It was “highly probable” that May 2022 would be the hottest since records began, surpassing the previous high set in May 2011, Meteo-France said.

“It’s a warm period, long-lasting, wide-reaching and intense, that is exceptional for this time of year,” meteorologist Matthieu Sorel from Meteo-France told WTX EU News.


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