The Guardian – Warning that relief convoy for Gaza too little, too late

The Guardian leads on the news that aid agencies have warned that the humanitarian aid due to arrive in Gaza could be “too little, too late” as a small convoy prepares to cross the border.

An image of pure destruction leads the paper, showing a lone woman making her way through the rubble that was once a residential building in the al-Zahra district of central Gaza. 

An agreement was reached on Wednesday to allow a small number of lorries to cross into Gaza through its border with Egypt on Friday, with further deliveries being dependent on aid being delivered without the involvement of Hamas, the paper notes. 

The front page also carries a moving account from a London-based Israeli man, whose parents were killed by Hamas, and his memories of growing up and visiting the town of Netiv Haasara, close to the Gaza border. “It is hard to think of this place as a war zone,” he writes.

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