Breaking News - England in one month lockdown from Thursday

Breaking News - England in one month lockdown from Thursday

England will go into a second national lockdown for a month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce.

Non-essential shops and hospitality will have to close and everyone will have to work from home, where possible.

But unlike the restriction in the spring, schools and colleges are to be allowed to stay open.

The Lockdown will come into effect on Thursday and will last a minimum of one month.

The second lockdown measures are being introduced after reports seen by the government, which forecasts 4,000 deaths a day if no action is taken

Over the past seven days, the UK has averaged almost 23,000 new cases a day, and 237 deaths with coronavirus.

No information about furlough or support packages have been disclosed yet but will be announced shortly. When the PM addresses the nation at 5pm GMT.

The governments driving motivation here is saving lives and not overwhelming the NHS.

There is no guarantee it will deliver a normal Christmas, too.


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