Travel: France tightens restrictions amid Covid-19 Indian variant fears

Travel: France tightens restrictions amid Covid-19 Indian variant fears

France travel restrictions tightened amid Covid-19 Indian variant fears

France has announced tighter restrictions on foreign travellers in an effort to limit the spread of the variant first identified in India

The new rules come into effect today and include:

  • Entry to France limited to EU nationals, French residents, and those travelling for essential purposes
  • Permitted travellers must test negative for COVID-19 before leaving their departure country
  • They must also isolate for seven days after they arrive in France
  • They must sign a declaration saying they do not have COVID symptoms and that they are not aware of having been in contact with someone who has the virus in the 14 days before their journey
  • They must sign a declaration saying they will isolate on arrival in France for seven days and that they will take a second PCR test afterwards

UK travellers face travel restrictions

The new rules also apply to the UK and cover entry into France by air, car, ferry and train. 

The new rules cover all people regardless of their vaccination status. 

The Consulate General of France in London said on its website: “Given the development of the so-called Indian variant, health measures have been tightened for people travelling to France from the UK.”

It added that from Monday morning “compelling reasons will be required for foreign nationals outside the EU not resident in France to travel to France from the UK”.

The website said “a PCR or antigen test less than 48 hours old will be required from anyone travelling to France from the UK” while on arrival “travellers are obliged to self-isolate for seven days”.

The information added that “due to the low incidence of COVID in the UK, for the moment they will not be subject to systematic checks where they are staying”.

France remains an amber list country and the government has advised the public not to travel there. 

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