Pingdemic: app alerts drops 43% after update

Pingdemic: app alerts drops 43% after update

Pingdemic: app alerts drops by 43% in a week after update

There has been a 43% drop in alerts sent to users of the NHS Covid-19 app in England and Wales in just one week after the app was updated. 

The latest government figures show a total of 395,971 alerts were sent to users in the week to July 28 telling them they had been in close contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid. 

Last week’s figures showed 689,313 alerts were issued. 

Earlier this week the NHS Covid-19 app was updated to ensure fewer contacts of people with coronavirus were told to isolate. 

The app now will only look back at contacts two days before someone who is asymptomatic tests positive – as opposed to the five days of contacts the app was tracking before. 

The government said the change would mean fewer people who were in contact with a person when they were unlikely to be at the peak of their infectiousness will be told to self-isolate. 

In the week up to 21 July it is reported that more than a million people were told to self-isolate. 

Business leaders had criticised the app for forcing thousands of people off work. 

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