Parents need to be put in the picture over upskirting laws

Parents need to be put in the picture over upskirting laws

I am grossed out by the news that female school teachers are being targeted for the relatively new crime of “upskirting” which involves photographs taken without permission under a skirt or dress.

According to one teacher’s union, there has been an “enormous growth” in the crime which officially became a criminal offence earlier this month.

It is not a giggle or a bit of harmless fun and if parents don’t get a grip on their sons – it is mainly a male-led crime – their little princes will end up with criminal records and possibly even a place on a sex register.

Offenders could also land themselves with a two-year prison sentence. Still laughing? Boys as young as 11 years old have been using their mobile phones to catch female teachers unawares.

If you don’t want your little darlings to be locked up or branded as sex pests I suggest you check the content of their phones on a daily basis.

It’s time parents became more responsible for the actions of their kids and stopped making excuses for them.

Upskirting is not harmless fun – it’s lewd, crude, highly distressing for the victim and now it’s a criminal offence.


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