New York: No more refusing vaccinations on the basis of religious exemption

New York: No more refusing vaccinations on the basis of religious exemption

New York State wins victory against health workers from refusing vaccinations on the basis of religious exemptions. Nearly 16 thousand people wanted to stand by the First Amendment right but the case was ruled by a federal appeals court.

The lawsuits are based on an order from former governor Andrew Cuomo that all hospital and long-term care workers are required to receive at least one dose of the vaccine by September 27. He added that the attorney in one of the trials announced that he would appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court of the United States. 

Refusing vaccinations on the basis of religious exemptions

A New York warrant forces health workers in New York to make a terrible choice: to abandon their faith or lose their jobs. (…) They have left their future in God’s hands, and we remain optimistic that the US Supreme Court will strike a discriminatory injunction in New York as violating the First Amendment, argued attorney Cameron Atkinson, who represents three nurses. 

In the second case, 17 health care workers, including doctors, residents and nurses, filed a lawsuit last month against a New York State Department of Health regulationThey do not allow anyone to be exempted from vaccination on religious grounds. On September 14, a lower court issued a temporary ban on challenging religious motives. 

New York Governor Kathy Hochul welcomed the decision of the appeals court to prevent health workers from refusing vaccinations.


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