M&S launches ‘biscake’ for £2.50 per two-pack

M&S launches ‘biscake’ for £2.50 per two-pack

M&S launches ‘biscake’ for £2.50 per two-pack

The biscake is a sponge cake with a biscuit base, the three varieties are lemon meringue, choc chip and cherry Bakewell. 

Marks and Spencer said it designed the biscake to solve the dilemma of whether to have a cake or a biscuit with a cup of tea. 

Natalie Tate, M&S’s product developer for cakes, said:

It’s the age-old question. Cake or biccy with your cup of tea? This new and exclusive fusion to M&S, the Biscake, takes the stress of having to decide as you can now enjoy both together

The lemon biscake comes with lemon curd and lemon buttercream and is finished with meringue, the Bakewell tart biscake features almond sponge, raspberry jam, buttercream and a glace cherry. 

The choc chip flavoured biscake is topped with chocolate buttercream and comes with a bag of milk chocolate cookie dough bites.

Each biscake costs £2.50 for a pack of two.

M&S’s full food range is available online. 

Marks & Spencer purchased a 50% share in Ocado – meaning its full food range could be purchased online for the first time. 

It was announced in February 2020 that Ocado was launching the £1.5 billion delivery partnership with M&S and parting ways with Waitrose after 20 years as its delivery partner. 

Prior to September 2020, you could only buy M&S’s party food online for delivery to limited UK locations, whilst 130 of its food and household items could be ordered on Deliveroo. 

Now the M&S range is not added to Ocado it boasts a selection of over 50,000 products, which Ocado claims is “double that of the next largest grocery retailer.” 

Out of the 50,000, six thousand are M&S items, while the rest are Ocado branded or from big0-name brands. 

Previously, the best value for money range on Ocado was the Essential Waitrose products, which was been replaced by like-for-like products from the M&S Remarkable Value range.

The retailer promised the new affordable range would be the same price or cheaper than the Waitrose items.



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