Judge overturns Nóra Quoirin inquest ruling 

Judge overturns Nóra Quoirin inquest ruling 

Judge overturns Nora Quoirin inquest ruling 

A Malaysian judge has overturned an inquest verdict in the death of 15-year-old Londoner Nora Quoirin. The original verdict ruled the teen’s death as misadventure but a judge has changed it to an open ruling. 

Nora went missing from an eco-resort whilst on holiday in Malaysia in August 2019 and nine days later was found dead in the jungle. 

  • Nora Quoirin inquest ruling overturned – now an ‘open ruling’ 
  • Nora went missing whilst on vacation with her family, her body discovered nine days later
  • London teenager died ‘due to gastrointestinal bleeding from hunger and stress’ 
  • Original ruling was ‘misadventure’ 
  • Nora’s family have always believed she was abducted

The open verdict suggests there could be more investigating to do and leaves open the possibility of criminal involvement. 

Nora’s family believe she was abducted. 

Overturning the original ruling, High Court Judge Azizul Adnan said there was “no creditable evidence to support any other verdict”.

“I am of the view the verdict of misadventure ought to be vacated in the interests of justice and substituted as an open verdict,” he said.

The initial verdict indicated her death was accidental, and her post mortem examination found she had died three days before her body was discovered in the jungle about 1.6 miles away from the resort the family were staying in. Her post mortem found she died due to gastrointestinal bleeding from hunger and stress endured over a prolonged period. 

Nóra was born with holoprosencephaly, a disorder which affects brain development.

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