Euromillions £184 million: UK's biggest ever lottery jackpot up for grabs

Euromillions £184 million: UK's biggest ever lottery jackpot up for grabs

Euromillions £184 million: UK’s biggest ever lottery jackpot up for grabs

Tonight’s Euromillions jackpot is the UK’s biggest ever draw with a massive £184 million up for grabs.

The UK’s largest jackpot until now was 2019’s £170 million Euromillions jackpot and was claimed by an anonymous ticket holder. 

Ahead of the draw, Camelot’s Andy Carter discussed the wide range of emotions he has seen from winners over the years. 

“I’ve seen people be sick with excitement, I’ve seen people resign their job on the spot, I’ve seen people jumping up and down.

“I’ve known husbands who haven’t told wives and wives who haven’t told husbands, I’ve been to homes where there’s literally a party going on already,” said Mr Carter, whose job it is to advise winners.

The Euromillions jackpot is currently capped at 220 million euros, which means it cannot roll over again and add more money. The Euromillions lottery is played in nine European countries. 

The cap was hit on Friday and the jackpot will now stay at the same level for five more draws unless it is won. 

On the fifth draw the jackpot must be won – even if that means sharing it among all those ticket-holders who are just one number short. 

Scoop tonight’s record £184m EuroMillions jackpot & you’ll be richer than Adele



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