England to end lockdown this month - Sunday papers

England to end lockdown this month - Sunday papers

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In today’s Sunday’s papers, most of the headlines are dominated by the end of the lockdown, will England end the lockdown this month or will it be extended.

Also, we look ahead to England’s final friendly game tonight and much of the paper talk revolves around the inclusion of Harry Maguire and Jordan Henderson. 

Hendersons is set to feature tonight but Harry Maguire is not quite fit enough and is raising lots of questions with fans and sports commentators about the validity of his inclusion. 

Also featured: The latest Covid-19 figures, Sports, business and entertainment news. 


The recurring message in Sunday’s papers is around the dominated by vaccine talk and if the lockdown will end.

As you would expect there are many conflicting opinions, between the left and centrist papers. But most is based on speculation. If the government does not know what they will do come mid-June, the papers certainly won’t. 

However, the leading papers will argue, their headlines are formed of public opinion and in some ways nurture public policy. 

Below are our top picks of the Sunday Papers


England to end lockdown this month as hospital admissions ‘falt’

That is the headline from the Independent newspaper who lead with the story that the lockdown is due to end this month as hospital admission rates flatten. The Uk has hit another milestone this week by administering 40 million vaccines for the first dose. 

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair weighs in the vaccine talk by stating that vaccinated people should have greater freedom of travel than anti-vaxxers.  This will only fuel the speculation and anti-vaxxer rhetoric. 

Read on Sundays Independent supplement 


PM to push for world vaccination by end of 2022

The BBC website looks at the push by PM Boris Johnson to end vaccinations by 2022.

He will lay out a target for global vaccination at a summit of the G7 group of advanced economies on Friday.

Most of the developed nations have all said how many doses they will donate to the global vaccine programme, Covax.

But the UK and Canada are yet to put figures on their planned contributions.

Read on the BBC


Too soon to say if 21 June can go ahead, says Hancock; Labour calls for ‘amber list’ to be axed

The Guardian leads with a contradictory headline to the Independent and says it is too soon to for the lockdown to be lifted.

Health experts remain divided over the dangers posed by the new Delta variant of Covid-19 and the risks it poses to the nation as ministers consider whether or not to lift lockdown later this month.

Read more at the Guardian Newspaper


The Palace sends Prince William to rescue Scotland

The Sunday Times leads with the headline that Scotland is on the brink of Independence. Suggesting that the UK government have begun a PR initiative to save the union from splitting up.  Starting with the Prince William charm offensive as he starts a campaign for a united Britian.

Read on


UK Weather Forecast

Sunday 6th June 2020 

Sunrise 04:46

Sunset 21:13


Today, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be largely dry and sunny with a few patches of cloud. Wales will see sunshine and showers. Much of England will be cloudy with spells of showery rain.


This evening, showers will linger for most of England and Wales, but these will gradually clear through the night. Scotland and Northern Ireland will see clear spells and patchy cloud. A mild night.

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“Gentelmen you can’t fight inhere, this is a war room” Dr Starngelove (1964) 

A bit of Nostalgia from our entertainment people

What are the papers saying? Past Six days



DEATHS: 1,766,045

RECOVERED: 56,981,454

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