Dominic Cummings on the infamous Barnard Castle trip 

Dominic Cummings on the infamous Barnard Castle trip 

Dominic Cummings on the infamous Barnard Castle trip 

Barnard Castle

Dominic Cummings opened up in his committee meeting about the “infamous trip” to Barnard Castle and the Rose Garden press conference. 

Cummings said the whole Barnard Castle episode was a major disaster for the government and for policy.  

He says in the autumn of 2019 he had to move out because his family were facing security threats. 

“On 28 February when I was dealing with the Covid problem I was down in Westminster when my wife called and said there was a gang of people outside saying they were going to break into the house and kill everybody inside, she was alone in the house at the time”, he says.

Dominic Cummings said his story about driving to Barnard Castle to ‘test his eyesight’ is true and that it didn’t seem dangerous to have his wife and child in the car whilst he was testing his eyes. 

‘Fake quotes’ 

Cummings said on 22 March there was a fake quote floating around which said he was “quite happy for everyone to die, which led to further problems.” 

It had been decided he was going to move back out of London regardless of the Covid rules.

“Because of this we kept the whole thing quiet,” he says.

He agreed with the prime minister to delay the story due to security concerns.

Cummings added a lot of media stories were wrong. 

Rose Garden press conference 

Cummings says PM Boris Johnson was under political pressure and he had to explain something, which led to the Rose Garden press conference. 

“What I said was true but I left out the crucial part of it all and the whole thing was a total disaster,” he says.

He says it was a terrible misjudgment not to explain the situation and it undermined public confidence.

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