BBC announces review of editorial practice after Diana report 

BBC announces review of editorial practice after Diana report 

BBC announces review of editorial practice after Diana report 

The BBC Board will review its corporation’s editorial and whistleblowing policies, the board announced. The announcement following the damning report from Lord Dyson into the 1995 Martin Bashir interview with Princess Diana

It said it accepted the report, which found the BBC covered up “deceitful behaviour” used by journalist Martin Bashir to secure the infamous interview.

The board reiterated its apology.

  • BBC Board reviews editorial and whistleblowing policies
  • The news comes after the damning Diana report 
  • ITV and BBC urged to look into other Martin Bashir celebrity interviews 
  • Bashir falsified documents to secure Diana interview

Princess Diana Interview: What’s it all about? 

Princess Diana Martin Bashir interview Martin Bashir diana interview BBC panorama
Princess Diana

Lord Dyson led an independent inquiry into journalist Martin Bashir and concluded the disgraced journalist used deception to secure an interview with Princess Diana. 

The report confirms Bashir falsified bank statements amongst other deceptive tactics to get the interview with the late Princess. 

Martin Bashir’s infamous interview with Princess Diana was a hit for the BBC. It was the first time a member of the royal family spoke openly about life in the royal family. 

The 1995 interview was watched by more than 20 million people and was massively controversial.

Martin Bashir and the BBC

Then BBC journalist Martin Bashir showed Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, fake bank documents appearing to show payments by a newspaper group to a former member of his staff. 

Lord Dyson’s report says this was Bashir’s way to gain Spencer’s confidence so he would introduce Bashir to Diana. 

Martin Bashir admitted to the fake bank documents but maintains he’s still proud of the interview and it didn’t lead to Diana’s death. 

The BBC has also come under fire for covering up Bashir’s lies. There has been a call for ITV and the BBC to look into Martin Bashir’s other big celebrity interview. The family of Michael Jackson say Bashir scored the Jackson interview because he used his connection to Diana as a way in. 

Who was Princess Diana? 

Diana, Princess of Wales was the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry

She married Prince Charles in 1981 but divorced by 1996. 

Diana died in a car accident in August 1997 whilst being chased by paparazzi. At the time of her death, William was 15 and Harry 12. 

diana funeral diana interview bbc martin bashir
Prince William and Prince Harry joined in the funeral procession as they walked behind their mother’s coffin

Her funeral is one of the world most watched events. The British public’s extraordinary reaction to Diana’s death was a defining moment in British history. 

Diana was a much-loved British figure, who was revered around the world. 



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