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Western Mail – UK infected blood fight ‘not over yet’ 

The Western Mail’s front page reports: Victims of the infected blood scandal in the UK vow to continue their fight for justice, stating that it is “not over yet.” Campaigners praise the tireless efforts of those affected, as the Infected Blood Inquiry prepares to release its findings. Tens of thousands were infected with contaminated blood products between the 1970s and early 1990s, resulting in lifelong health issues and many deaths.

Welsh rugby player Callum Sheedy is out of the summer tests due to an injury, dealing a fresh blow to coach Warren Gatland. This setback adds to the challenges facing the Welsh team as they prepare for the upcoming matches.

Ospreys player faces charges of robbery, bringing legal troubles to the rugby club. Details of the case and the player’s involvement are still emerging.

Actor Michael Spall is set to star in a new drama filmed in Wales, generating excitement for the local entertainment industry. The series aims to highlight Welsh culture and landscapes.

A village continues its fight for survival against various challenges, showcasing the resilience and determination of its residents. Their ongoing struggles and efforts to overcome adversity are highlighted in the community-focused story.

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