77% of Brits avoid travelling abroad due to ‘confusing’ rules

77% of Brits avoid travelling abroad due to ‘confusing’ rules

77% of Brits avoid travelling abroad due to ‘confusing’ rules during pandemic

A new survey has found Britons are being deterred from travelling abroad due to confusion over the complex rules and regulations for flying during the pandemic

The research for Skyscanner, the comparison site for flights, found 56% of the 2,152 adults surveyed found it difficult to understand the current options for travel

Of those people, 77% said this was putting them off travelling altogether, according to the polling by market intelligence firm AudienceNet. 

Travellers have to negotiate many travel restrictions, quarantining and travel corridors to plan holidays or business trips with most countries operating different rules. 

The UK, from December 15, will change its requirements, meaning travellers will be able to leave quarantine from the fifth day once they have paid for and received back a negative Covid-19 tests result. 

Many countries have introduced Covid-19 test requirements but even within that there are variations on timings and types of technology stipulated. 

But, with news of the vaccine rollout in the UK – starting Monday- 41 per cent of the population are feeling increased confidence in the prospect of travelling abroad within the next six months. 

The confidence is backed up by Skyscanner search data for travel within 7 – 30 days from the UK, which shows a 62 per cent week-on-week increase in flight searches for the week commencing November 20.

Jo McClintock, a Skyscanner director, said: “People want to travel and we know there is pent-up demand from the searches we are seeing for flights and for more information; but confidence has been hit by the lack of consistency between countries worldwide regarding measures and restrictions. 

“Consumers just do not understand the complex rules and are crying out for transparent, detailed information.”



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