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It’s Friday morning and the UK has a new government! Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has been handed a colossal mandate from the public, waving goodbye to 14 years of Conservative rule. 

All the UK newspapers lead on the news but feature the exit poll results – which were issued around 10 pm on Thursday – due to the papers being sent to print.

Friday’s newspapers are dominated by the general election and with less than a week until polling days, they are keen to force home their messages. 

The traditional right-leaning newspapers are slamming Nigel Farage’s Reform Party – the true threat to the Conservatives at this election after members were recorded making racist, homophobic and Islamophobic comments. Other right-leaning papers are tapping into fears that Labour will end up with a supermajority if disillusioned Conservative voters decide to cast their vote for Reform. 

The left-leaning newspapers, continue to push Labour’s plans if they are elected this July. These include plans to fix the NHS and close loopholes for private schools. 

Last night’s BBC election debate dominates the Thursday front pages. The papers dig their heels into their camps with the left-leaning papers leading on the betting scandal engulfing the Conservative Party, whilst the right-leaning newspapers scrutinise Starmer’s plan – or lack of it – to deal with the small boats crossings. 

Away from politics, various domestic stories are splattered across the papers, from the latest in the Holly Willougby trial to the news Phil Foden has briefly returned to the UK for the birth of his third child. 

Many back pages pick up on Gareth Southgate’s comments asking fans to get behind the team following backlash over a few poor performances.