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Wednesday’s front pages continue to be dominated by the latest from the UK political campaigns, ahead of July’s general election. 

Elsewhere, several of the papers feature images of royals attending Ascot – but otherwise the news is fairly politically focused.  

The back pages cover the European Championship, the latest from Kylian Mbappe nose injury, the latest from the England camp and a look ahead to Scotland’s Wednesday match.

Many of Monday’s front pages lead on the discovery of Dr Michael Mosley’s body after the famed TV presenter had gone missing while on holiday in Greece. 

Elsewhere, politics makes the front pages with the UK general election around the corner, and news of a snap general election in France – amid a rise in far-right support.

The back pages lead on Harry Kane’s comments after England lost 1-0 to Iceland – at Wembley, the final match before the start of the EUROs. British star Dina Asher-Smith is also pictured on the back pages after she won gold at the European Championships.

Tuesday’s front pages feature a variety of stories with the escalation in the Middle East taking the lead for several papers. An Iranian general has been killed in Syria during an Israeli airstrike on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus. The papers see the bombing as an escalation and note Tehran has vowed a ‘harsh’ response to the attack. 

Several front pages feature ongoing coverage of the UK political scene ahead of this year’s general election. A couple of papers from across the political spectrum suggest Tory rebels are plotting to oust the prime minister regardless of whether he can turn the economic situation around. 

Susan Hall’s campaign trail to become the next London mayor has not been a successful one. The Conservative’s London candidate has been caught up in several embarrassing gaffes in the run-up to the election, including a suspicious story where she claimed to have been pickpocketed on the Tube – but it later appeared she had just lost her purse.