UFC 261 - Kamaru Usman dominates Jorge Masvidal - can he do better?

UFC 261 - Kamaru Usman dominates Jorge Masvidal - can he do better?

Kamaru Usman smashed a sledgehammer on his rival Jorge Masvidal on UFC 261 on Saturday night, dropping him with a crushing right hand for a brutal knockout. In what was one of the most eventful cards in UFC history ended with one of the greatest fighters in UFC history further cementing his legacy, Kamaru Usman shattering Jorge Masvidal’s enigma with a brutal second-round knockout.

Usman put a stamp on his rivalry with Masvidal on Saturday night, dropping him with a crushing right hand and following up on the ground for a knockout victory at 1 minute, 2 seconds of the second round in the main event of UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Florida.

With the victory, Usman defended his 170-pound title. It was the first time the famously durable Masvidal had been finished by KO/TKO since 2008.

Usman defeated Jorge Masvidal by KO in the second round, extending his UFC winning streak to 14, the second most of all-time behind Anderson Silva at 16.

Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal

In the last fight UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman dominated Jorge Masvidal last year over five rounds, but he wasn’t satisfied with that performance — he thought he could do better.

A full-capacity Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville hosted 15,000 returning fans, almost all of whom wanted Masvidal’s two-year “resurrection” to end in ascension, but the challenger would go the other way, dropping limply to the mat after one devastating right straight from the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’.

Kamaru v Usman at UFC 261 Brutal knockout by Usman
Usman has now won 18 straight fights and continues to improve with every victory, his striking now almost as much of a threat as his renowned wrestling abilities.

Kamaru Usman hit Masvidal with a picture-perfect punch that sent his challenger’s sweat spraying out of the Octagon. Masvidal was knocked out immediately and if he regained any consciousness as he hit the floor, it was bashed out of him as Usman pounded him with sledging blows. Leaving Masvidal to admit, “He’s got my number, man.”

At welterweight, ESPN has Usman ranked at No. 1 and Masvidal at No. 7. Now, Usman has to be considered one of the best in the world currently, and the questions will begin about where he stands on the all-time list. No doubt the best pound-for-pound MMA fighters list coming in


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