Aguerooooooooooo! Proof that miracles do happen!

Sergio Aguero confirms retirement due to heart issue

If we say Agueroooooooo everyone automatically thinks back to one moment. Proof that miracles do happen.

Cast your mind back to the infamous ‘Drink it in’ moment – when City legend Aguero’s last-minute goal snatched the title away from Manchester United and handed the title to the ‘noisy neighbours’. 

And Pep Guardiola thinks Man City could still face a Sergio Aguero moment, reports Manchester Evening News. “It can happen (another last-gasp title win) but it would be incomparable, the first time is the first time, the first one always special.” 

The Sergio Aguero moment – now 10 years old- was a turning point in City’s history and Pep paid tribute to the City hero who was awarded a statue outside the Etihad. “More than deserved, It’s a great honour for Sergio, his family and friends, an icon of his club, on the tenth anniversary of the goal he scored on 93:20 but also for all his career here,” Pep Guardiola said. 

Manchester United looked set to win the Premier League 2011/2012 title, but in In the 94th minute of the Manchester City v QPR match, Agüero, receiving the ball from Balotelli, drove into the penalty area and placed a powerful low shot into the corner of the goal, clinching the win and the first top-flight English title for Manchester City since 1968. 

And Liverpool could see their very own Aguero moment.

Liverpool’s game against Saints saw several key players out – Mo Salah, Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson and Sadio Mane. All are expected to be fit enough to return for the Champions League final. 


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