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The Guardian – Seeing same GP each visit cuts workload and improves health 

The front page of the Guardian reports on a study which suggests that visiting the same doctor every time you go to your GP improves patients’ health and also reduces doctors’ workloads. 

Researchers from the University of Cambridge and Insead Business School analysed data from 10 million consultations in England over more than a decade. They found that people seeing the same doctor have 18% longer intervals between visits compared with those who saw different doctors. That suggests that continuity of care could free up millions of appointments, says the Guardian.

The front page features an image of a grieving family in the West Bank as a 16-year-old Palestinian boy – wearing a football kit and carrying a school bag, was shot dead by the IDF. The family says the teen was executed.

US company makes historic Moon landing

US company makes historic Moon landing

A private US company – Intuitive Machines – has made history by becoming the first commercial outfit to put a spacecraft on the Moon. “What we can confirm, without a doubt,

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