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The Sun on Sunday – Royals in crisis: Queen’s orf on holiday 

The Sun on Sunday says the royals are “in crisis” as it emerged the Queen Camilla is taking a holiday. Camilla has carried out 13 official engagements since last month in addition to her own diary. She will be jetting off on a private flight tomorrow for a sunshine break overseas.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward last night said: “This will raise the question of who’s in charge at such a vital time and with so many key royals out of action.”

Elsewhere, the front page features a picture of F1 Red Bull boss Christian Horner kissing his wife Geri Halliwell following the release of hundreds of WhatsApp messages – sent to F1 teams and media outlets – dropped a day after sources close to 51-year-old Geri said she was “relieved and elated” that Horner was cleared of wrongdoing.

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