Tory party fined for PM’s No 11 flat refurbishment 

Tory party fined for PM’s No 11 flat refurbishment 

Tory party fined for PM’s No 11 Downing Street flat refurbishment 

The Conservative Party have been slapped with a £17,800 fine for “failing to accurately report a donation” that paid for the refurbishment of the PM’s Downing Street flat. 

The party failed to “keep a proper accounting record” around the donation according to the Electoral Commission. 

Lord Brownlow gave over £52,000 to the party for the work – initially paid for by the Cabinet Office. 

A Tory spokesman said the party was considering whether to appeal. 

Earlier in the year, the PM’s flat refurbishment became a massive government scandal. The question was over how the No 11 Downing Street flat refurbishment was paid for. 

The PM receives an annual public grant of £30,000 to spend on his living quarters. But there had been speculation the final bill came to as much as £200,000. 

Dominic Cummings claimed the PM had planned to solve this shortfall by having donors “secretly pay” for the work. 

The PM insists he paid for the work. 

Lord Geidt said a Tory donor had paid an invoice for some of the costs and that the PM  had acted “unwisely” by not being more “rigorous” in finding out who paid.

But he cleared Mr Johnson of breaking ministerial conduct rules.

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