The No 10 Christmas Party scandal 

The No 10 Christmas Party scandal 

The No 10 Christmas Party scandal 

Claims Boris Johnson and his staff hosted Christmas parties at No 10 whilst the rest of the country was in lockdown has been the latest scandal to rock the UK government. 

So far, denials from the government have sounded less than convincing and MPs have come out to confirm the stories. The press (both national and international) are having a great time with the latest f*ck up from the government. 

The Telegraph suggests “one moment, they insist that the parties never took place; the next, they insist that everyone present observed Covid regulations”. The headline takes a sarcastic tone with “There was no Christmas party in No10… and anyway, the guests followed all the rules”. 

The Metro reports “Journalists at No 10 Christmas party are trying to bury story” as it picks up on comments from former aide Dominic Cummings who says senior political journalists are trying to ‘bury’ the story of an alleged Christmas party in Downing Street – because they were there.

The Times’ headline reads: “Boris Johnson put under more pressure over No 10 Christmas party claims”. The article reports on comments from Kit Malthouse as it looks at the pressure on the prime minister. 

The Daily Mirror reports “Families’ fury at Boris Johnson’s ‘sickening’ boozy lockdown Christmas parties scandal” as it focuses on the grieving relatives of Covid victims.

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