The man who confronted Putin – Sweeny talks to Yvonne Ridley

The man who confronted Putin

The man who confronted Putin – John Sweeny, the world-famous Journalist talks to Yvonne Ridley in a special Ukrainian episode of In Conversation.

The investigative journalist has spent the last two decades tracking and monitoring the actions of Russian President Vladamir Putin.

The former Observer and BBC journalist famously doorstepped Putin to ask several questions on Ukraine.

NATO should NOT have boots in Ukraine, it would be a terrible escalation

Putin, clearly unhappy at being ambushed by the journalist, promised to answer later, but Sweeney insisted on receiving the answers immediately.

Now ex-BBC, Sweeney is no longer constrained by the Corporation and here he talks freely to Diplomatic Editor Yvonne Ridley about Putin, providing a chilling insight into the mind of an authoritarian leader.

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