Filipino Police surround Mall after gunman takes hostages

Filipino Police surround a mall in Manila after a gunman takes 30 hostages

Filipino police surrounded a Shopping centre in Manila after a gunman has taken hostages. The incident happened at the V-Mall in the San Juan area of the Philippine capital. Approximately 30 people are being held by the gunman.

San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora told reporters that approximately 30 people are being held by the gunman. He said the exact number of hostages is uncertain and is based on the size of the office.

He said the gunman is a disgruntled former security guard who had been removed from his job at the mall. Zamora said the gunman shot one person, who is in stable condition at a nearby hospital.

The man demanded to talk to fellow guards and the media, Zamora said, but it was not clear if officials would agree to those conditions.

Filipino Police and more than a dozen SWAT commandos were seen entering the mall, with assault rifles ready to take action. Policemen stood by outside, along with an ambulance as the standoff continues.

The shopping complex, popular for its restaurants, shops, bars and a bazaar, lies near an upscale residential enclave, a golf club and the police and military headquarters in the bustling metropolis of more than 12 million people, where law and order have long been a concern.


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